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Elizabeth Selected as a 2020 Scialog Fellow!

Elizabeth Bess was selected as a 2020 Scialog Fellow for the Microbiome, Neurobiology, and Disease Initiative!

"Scialog seeks to accelerate the work of 21st-century transformational science through research, dialog, and community." -Scialog

Scialog is supported by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, and the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation.

From Scialog:

"A growing body of evidence shows that the gut microbiome affects the brain in both normal and disease states.  This finding leads to a number of questions, among them what are the biochemical and biophysical steps that constitute the gut-brain axis? What are the signaling molecules that facilitate this communication and how do they work? Do changes to the microbiome initiate neurophysiological outcomes or are they lagging indicators of neurobiological events?  This Scialog will bring together chemists, physicists, biologists and neurophysiologists to explore these and other issues with the goal of designing and launching innovative, cross-disciplinary studies with the potential to transform our understanding of this complex system."