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Artist: Rebecca Mcgillivary, @rebmcg

The Bess Lab

Discovering & Engineering Microbiome Chemistry 

Stool Study

Thank you for your interest in participating in this study!


Participation in this study will involve:

  • Collecting your stool sample at home using a stool collection kit that we will provide.

  • Depositing your sample at a drop-box. A sensor in the drop-box will remotely alert research personnel that a sample has been deposited. Research personnel will collect the sample 5 minutes after its delivery to avoid face-to-face contact between study participants and research personnel at the time of sample delivery. 

The purpose of this research study is to identify and understand the functions of the microorganisms residing within peoples’ guts. It is hoped that the information learned from this study will help researchers to better prevent and treat disease.


To determine if you qualify for this study, the first step is to take the anonymous online questionnaire in the link provided below. This is completely voluntary, and you may stop answering the questions at any time. If you are found eligible to participate in the study, you have the option to leave your name, phone number, and e-mail so that we may contact you with more information about the study.

Providing your contact information does not mean that you are enrolled in the study.

Your contact information will be used by the research team to provide you with further information about the study and to ask you whether you are interested in participating in the study. You may decline at any time. Information sessions will be conducted by Zoom or phone. No in-person contact is involved in participating in this study.

If you are still interested, please click the link below to fill out the anonymous online questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest and for volunteering your time!

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